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Total IT Solutions Provider

Many VARs, Integration companies, and IT shops are overlooking the SMB market because they believe in the single larger sale from the Enterprise market.  The SMB market is seeking higher quality products, but do not want to afford the price tag that goes along with it.  This market is very underserved and flooded with cheap sub-business standard products.

Managing backend IT shouldn’t be your core focus.  Let our team take care of “keeping the lights on.” If something breaks, our team is there to fix it.  Deep Blue Data can support a customer’s IT staff providing expertise is all areas or where a customer doesn’t have IT staff, Deep Blue Data can provide those services.  Deep Blue Data would like to become a Trusted Advisor to their customers.  We have lots of experience and can help form the correct long and short term strategy for your business.

Provide organizations with predictable, business-focused IT services that optimize operations, manage risk and deliver measurable business value to our customers.

We understand how to maximize resources and help customers decide how to prioritize.

our advantages


We have decades of experience in many different disciplines.

Bang for the buck

We understand small and medium sized business and how important it is to make the investments where they count.


We try to understand how your business works so we know how to help you.

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Daniel Burns
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Nathan Pifko
Chief Information officer ....


Brad Lawrenz
Vice President of Sales ....

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